Richard James Winter
Richard James Winter

I successfully qualified as an Online Designer in 1999 at the Mediadesign Hochschule in Munich, where I also later worked as a teacher. Since then I have worked on very many different projects.

Over the years I have witnessed and followed the fascinating development of the internet including advances in the mobile market which is of the biggest importance today. In my opinion, the evolution in the mobile market is still at the beginning and we will see amazing  progress in the not too distant future.

Since 1999 I have gained a great deal of experience regarding the planning and implementation of web projects. My solid foundation combined with the my motivation for acquiring new knowledge, are just some of the qualities I have to offer.

I am looking for a full time position with a modern, dynamic company with a great team in Vienna, which can profit from this experience.

Focus on: concept creation, project management, WordPress and audio. 

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