Personal Info

Infos that are not in my résumé.

How did I get into web design?

Towards the end of the 90s, a freind asked me if I could make a website for her. The internet was an interesting theme, so I went to the library and borrowed some books about HTML. The topic fascinated me, and it didn’t take long and I had made my first website.

Due to this, I decided to gain an education in this area. Unfortuantely there wasn’t yet a study program for web design at the university at that time, so I took a one year full time course at an institute specialising in media in Munich. Near the end of the year two of us from the course were approached by headhunters and became members of a startup team. It was an exciting time!

Yes, I still know when we had to do things with frames, and use transparent GIFs and tables just to get a layout right! And I also “grew up” with flash animaions, which I loved at the time.

I really like the developments, the brilliant posibilities of CSS and the challenges regarding mobile devices.

Why Vienna?

At the moment I am living in a small town near Ingolstadt in Germany. In the past I have lived in London, Munich and Salzburg. For me Vienna is a modern city with a great deal of potential and many qualities that make life interesting, like diversity, culture and openess. Things that are important to me.

Why a fix position?

I find it very important to work as part of a team; indeed, many things are only possible whilst working together and one can expand ones horizon.

What experience have I had as a project manager?

Whilst working as a freelance web designer, I have gained a lot of experience regarding management of projects. This includes customer first contact, meetings with customers, case analysis, concept creation, collection of data necessary for fulfilling  the contract, implementing  changes, co-ordination of external team members and much more.

As a teacher (Bachelor courses, 12-22 students), I was responsible for preparing all of the necessary scripts and examinations, marking and grading, teaching and accompanying the students during their project phase which normally lasted from 2-4 weeks. This included support during the planning and implementation stages of their work.

This experience and knowledge is scalable allowing me to work on larger projects with larger teams.

How can I enrich your company?

In that you profit from my solid understanding of the internet, web design, usability and knowledge of project procedures.

In that I take into account the different natures and ways of working of the team members as well as the needs and wishes of customers, meet deadlines, and give projects the necessary structure in order to secure a postive result for your company. You will also profit from my knowledge of English and German, my general knowledge and my openess.


I look forward to being a part of your company and meeting new people. In the footer there are links to my social media profiles; because I think transparence is important. They are my personal profiles.

I would be interested in attending a SCRUM workshop in the near future.


I have a passion for technology and the internet.

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